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Have you lost track of your financial overview? Let one of our independent financial advisors draw up a financial plan!

You arrive home and there’s another letter from the bank on your doormat. You sit down on the sofa with your laptop, open your email and immediately notice various messages from your pension institution, insurance company and mortgage lender. Your inbox is filled with them. You probably have some method of storing these documents, perhaps a lost file on your desktop or a shoebox filled with half-read letters.

But when it’s that time of the year again, when your administration is in urgent need of an update, it becomes quite the challenge to get an overview of your financial situation. Sounds familiar?

Is your pension plan still up to standard? Is your will up-to-date? Shouldn’t you deposit some money from your bank account into a deposit savings account? Or, considering the low interest in these economic times, is it perhaps better to invest in real estate? These, and any other financial questions can be answered by any of our independent financial advisors. We can help you get your numbers straight and set-up a financial plan for your current affairs and the future!

Financial planning & Financial overview

We always create an overview of our client’s current financial affairs together with them. This gives you an overview of your insurances (package), tax obligations, banking affairs and investments. We can also offer advice on your mortgage (if applicable), as there may be opportunities in refinancing or restructuring your mortgage to save you money. We can also help you with the financial affairs and planning of your company or business. We believe that an independent financial advisor should support and guide you personally, to make the right choices.

In our opinion, this has to be done in both the right way and in the right order, by:

  1. Getting an overview of the current financial situation
  2. Drawing up a solid financial plan
  3. Creating a step-by-step plan of implementation
  4. Adjusting and adapting the plan where necessary

If you’d like peace of mind and to avoid (last-minute) administrative stress, make sure you book an appointment with one of our experienced financial planners today!

6 reasons to work with us

  • Expert and objective advice
  • Easily accessible, even in weekends and at night
  • An appointment within 24 hours
  • A fixed point of contact
  • 24/7 access to your own file

  • Periodic inspection of your situation
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