Mortgages and Financial Planning for Expatriates

Welcome to the Netherlands. This is a friendly, tolerant open society and we are sure as a new resident here that you will enjoy and benefit from your time here. However, it is not always the same as “home”. Different countries have different habits, different laws. Being open minded and flexible is always a good start. When it concerns financial planning and mortgages you need more than just flexibility. You need local expertise from people whose advice you can rely on. May we introduce ourselves.

Keijer & Rademakers: Financial Planners BV 
Keijer & Rademakers is an independent mortgage and financial planning bureau. Being certified mortgage advisors(SEH) and financial planners (MFP) we are able to offer clients financial planning advice utilizing our knowledge of mortgages, tax securities, life insurance, pension plans and real estate.

The steps to buying and financing your residential property

Step 1 
Fill in your information on our website and one of our advisors will contact you promptly to make an appointment for a free consultation. In the consultation we will discuss your objectives, share our views on the market and calculate the maximum amount you can borrow in order to pinpoint the price segment to focus your search. We will provide you with a financial rapport free of charge to assist you with this.

Step 2:
Now you can start looking for a residential property. We can assist you by bringing you in contact with real estate agents and calculate your monthly costs to enable you to make a sound financial decision

Once you have purchased a property the finance has to be arranged. In accordance with your requirements we will send mortgage applications to a selection of lenders. Once we have received the mortgage offers we will discuss and compare these offers with you .

Step 4:
Once you have made an informed decision as to which lender you wish to proceed with we will make all the necessary arrangements with the lender. At the end of the process it will be necessary to go a public notary to have the mortgage duly notarized. We will accompany you to the notary to ensure everything has been taken care of properly. This is an example of the personal service we provide.

Mortgages and Financial Planning for Expatriates

We see a primary function of our work in being able to alleviate you from all the frustrating, time consuming activities in finding the ideal mortgage with the most suitable mortgage supplier. A combination of in-depth market knowledge and experience of the expatriates often unique situation ensures that our small but client focused organization can provide you with a high standard of expertise, efficiency and service.

  • High level of personal service
    You will have direct gsm/email access to your own designated financial advisor during the time of our business cooperation. He is available to assist you at all times.
  • Independent financial advisors (IFA)
    We are not bound or committed to any single supplier. We will offer products from the total market and if required make recommendations.
  • No language barriers
    Our advisors all speak good English.
  • Free consultation
    We find a face to face consultation productive in getting to know one another and each others requirements. This can be arranged at our offices in Amsterdam or Bussum or at your residence at a time to suit you. This consultation is free of charge.
  • No cure, no pay
    Naturally we hope you eventually become a client but if we cannot help you there will be no costs involved.
  • No additional liaison costs
    Contrary to uninformed belief, it is not always cheaper to do business directly with a lender. In fact an independent advisor can negotiate better rates and conditions due to frequent contact and transactions with a wide selection of lenders.
  • Arrange Dutch conditions for Expats
    we can arrange:
    – finance up to 125% of the execution value,
    – interest only repayments,
    – transparent interest rates
    – 30 year mortgage terms.